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Take the hassle out of maintaining your pool and let one of our technicians do the work! Keeping your pool water balanced is crucial for its overall health and safety. Upon arrival we will clean the pool, removing debris and leaves that have accumulated. Brush the waterline and vacuum the floor to ensure it’s spotless. We'll test and adjust the water chemistry as needed, maintaining proper pH levels, chlorine/bromine levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness to prevent algae growth and ensure a clean, inviting swimming environment. Our technicians will inspect all pool equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters, and automated systems, to identify any potential issues or malfunctions. If any problems arise, we'll troubleshoot and address them promptly to prevent disruptions to your pool's operation. We offer the following in one of the services and also regular servicing, with weekly, fortnightly, or monthly options.

Poll Servicing Rentals

Real Estate

Pool Tek also offers servicing for rental properties taking the stress out of maintaining the pool for the owners and real estate. We provide a handover service for the tenants to teach them the basics of how to maintain the pool between professional services, such as how to properly skim the pool, check and adjust chemical levels, and perform basic troubleshooting. Pool Tek can also provide for added peace of mind a regular service which we can invoice the Real estate for the service and the tenants for the chemicals.


With our holiday pool service, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, knowing that your pool is in capable hands. Leave the maintenance to us, and return home to a clean, inviting pool ready for you to dive back into relaxation. Our holiday services include frequent visits to check the water level and ensure the equipment is operating smoothly. Empty baskets, briefly scoop leaves, and also treat the pool if required. Don't let pool maintenance stress interfere with your holiday plans. Contact us today to schedule your holiday pool service and experience peace of mind while you're away.


Pool Tek offers an instructional service for pool owners, where our experienced technicians can run you through how to maintain your pool and your equipment. They meet you onsite and explain how to use your equipment, set your timers, and also how to add the chemicals into the water. Also included in the instructional is how to perform basic troubleshooting, skim the surface, empty the baskets, etc.

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